making fine violins everyone can afford
  • Rich, warm, complex tone with excellent projection and exquisite "under the ear" sound.
  • Neck and Fingerboard beautifully finished for smooth "no stick" comfortable playing.
  • Exceptional European and North American seasoned tone woods.
  • Beautifully flamed and matched back, sides and neck.
  • Hand tuned and acoustically matched front plate, back plate, and bass bar for optimum sound and playability.
  • Sound post, bridge, nut, saddle and tail piece meticulously "set up" for easy playability and optimum sound.
  • Beautiful golden brown hand applied and rubbed varnish.
  • High grade ebony or boxwood fittings.
  • Supplied with Dominant or better strings.
  • Each instrument provided with a signed certificate of authenticity and source of materials, serial number and date.

      Pricing - US$ 2,495.00  Visa Credit Cards Accepted

      30 Day in home trial - contact for details


Our violins are extremely high quality and are made completely in the USA from the finest materials, yet the costs are highly competitive with imported violins!

(Photos for example only, request photos of actual units available)

The Model

Many violins are marketed as Stradivari or Guarneri models (the Masters). This generally indicates an effort by the persons either making or marketing the violin, to make as close to an exact copy of the indicated master violin maker as possible. In all but the very best (and very expensive) violins, this approach fails to produce the best possible instruments. Our violins are not specifically based upon any particular “model” or other maker’s violins; instead, they are a combination of what we at Shifrin Violins have determined through on- going development to produce the best possible violin. In the simplest terms, they are Shifrin Model Violins, not copies of any others.

This does not mean that our violins vary to any great extent from the “classic” violin appearance. To the contrary, the difference between “poor” violins and violins of the highest quality can be very small nuances in areas such as; the thickness gradients of the front and back, the thickness and height of the ribs, small dimensional differences, the methods used to match front and back plates, tuning of the front plate and bass bar shaping, methods of final assembly and finish, etc. These features are not generally visible, but are essential in producing a very high quality instrument.

Although our instruments may look very much like other violins (the beautiful ones in our opinion), the differences are significant and become immediately apparent when playing, listening, or simply examining the instruments.


Throughout the on-going development of the Shifrin Model violin, the primary goal has been to produce an affordable, high quality violin that meets or exceeds the needs of players ranging from student to professional

Playability, Sound and Quality

Shifrin Violins are very comfortable and "easy to play". They are extremely affordable and sound as good or better than any violins in any price category! They are also aesthetically beautiful and very high quality. The sound is most often described as rich, warm and complex with excellent projection and exquisite "under the ear" sound.

The front and back plates are hand scrapped and tuned to assure the best possible sound and playability.

Bass bars are hand tunned to maximize the capability of the fine spruce front plate.


Hand rubbed varnish applied to tastefully add character without the often seen “antiquing”. Colors range from reddish brown to golden amber, depending upon the particular instruments wood.


The best part yet - although our violins are extremely high quality and are made completely in the USA from the finest materials, the costs are comparable to Chinese and Romanian Imports.

The Instruments

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