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"We use the best available methods to produce the highest quality instruments possible"


Today’s technology offers opportunities in violin making that weren’t available to the great master violin makers of the 17th and 18th centuries. They used the techniques and equipment that they had available to them at that time. Our violins are made using the best technology available today.

Although we fully support contemporary violin makers that adhere to the time honored customary methods, we do not limit or resist any science, technology, equipment or methods that can help to assure that we are creating the finest violins that can be made regardless of the methods used. We aggressively and continuously research and develop new and improved methods without bias.

This approach, including proprietary algorithms, software, instruments, tooling and equipment, allows us to take advantage of each piece of wood’s inherent acoustic and aesthetic capabilities by imparting the individual nuances necessary to bring it to its maximum potential. We use a combination of traditional and modern techniques that allow the maximization of the acoustic and aesthetic characteristics of each of the instruments component parts and then, through the opportunity to evaluate and select from an assortment of components, we are able to match and combine them in the most beneficial harmonization into a congruent solitary fine instrument.

Some portions of the construction are still best accomplished by the traditional methods, including final tuning of the front and back plates and the bass bar, finish, and set up. All portions of the construction that contribute to the final; acoustics, playability and aesthetics are accomplished using these traditional violin making methods (i.e.: by skilled craftsmen). When applicable, modern technology and tooling is used to accomplish “mundane” and laborious tasks that do not affect these important aspects, but help to impart consistency thus eliminating undesirable variables. Modern technology is also used to design, develop and confirm the acoustical characteristics of the various components throughout the construction process and during final adjustments helping to assure that consistently fine instruments are produced.

In summary, we use current technology wherever it makes the most sense and enhances the quality of the instruments we produce. An added advantage is that this helps the construction of uncompromised and consistently very high quality instruments that can be made in the USA and offered at competitive pricing thus helping to make these fine violins available to many players that otherwise may not have had the opportunity to own or play an instrument of this quality.

We believe that if the great master violin makers of the 17th and 18th centuries had the technology available to them that we now have, they would have quickly recognized the benefits and adopted its use.