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The Shifrin Family Violin Company was founded by Sam and Michelle Shifrin for the purpose of making very high quality yet extremely affordable violins that offer an outstanding USA made alternative to imported violins from Asia, Europe and other countries.

Sam was first introduced to violin making at a very young age when his family shared a home with a violin maker (a close family friend we called Uncle Win). At a young age, Sam often watched and admired him making violins at his bench, the tools he used, and the many violins hanging in the shop. By age 14, when Uncle Win was no longer with us, Sam began experimenting with violin making working in the same shop and using many of Uncle Win’s tools. At that time, he began studying how violins were made, the history, the methods, the makers, the models and anything else he could find relating to violin making (remember, no internet in 1972!). By age 16 he became a self-taught fiddler. He competed and was successful in New England based fiddle contests. He also played fiddle regularly with local old time and bluegrass bands. His study and fascination with violin making has continued for more than 42 years.

During this time, Sam received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. His engineering experience has ranged from; aerospace, fluid flows and hydro turbine design to highly innovative robotic machinery. He is an industrialist that has founded and successfully run several industrial businesses, and is an inventor with multiple U.S. and Foreign patents. All of this experience is now fully focused on developing and making the best violins possible.

This 42 year highly unique combination of history relating to the making of violins, and engineering, manufacturing, and science and technology experience, has allowed The Shifrin Family Violin Company to develop unique violin making techniques producing violins of very high quality, acoustics, aesthetics and value. Although our violins are priced at a level that makes them affordable to most violinists (beginner or experienced), our violins compare favorably to violins at any price level .

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" ...42 year unique combination of experience....leads to producing very high quality violins"

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